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About Me

I have been naturally drawn to the spiritual and metaphysical since a young age and have always had the ability to sense and perceive energies. I was brought up in a home where meditation, reiki, Tarot cards and I Ching oracles were the norm and was always fascinated by the mystical and esoteric.

As a healer I am able to channel healing energy in order to clear blockages and bring about improved energy flow throughout the body. I work predominantly clairsentiently, which means I am able to intuitively sense and feel the client’s energy, as well as receive certain senses and impressions in my own energy field which provides me with information about the energy I am working with, as well as guides me to work on the appropriate area of the client.

In 2015, I completed the School of Intuition and Healing’s two year energy healing course and received my internationally accredited certificate in Healing (with Merit), and was the youngest person ever to do so. I also studied through MetaVarsity (College of Metaphysical Studies) and have completed the Introduction and Applied Metaphysics courses, Numerology Levels 1 and 2 and strengthened and developed my psychic gifts through their Intuitive Practitioning course.

I am also the founder of the Cape Consciousness Collective- a social media forum created in order to establish a network of like-minded people in the Cape Town area. We aim to host talks, workshops etc. and provide a platform for people to keep up-to-date with any spirituality-related events, talks, courses, workshops etc. happening in Cape Town. It also serves as an open forum for people to ask questions and discuss matters of interest and get input from knowledgeable people,  as well as being a directory/ reference base for those looking for holistic practitioners and healing services in their area.

I have a natural gift for working with people and a deep empathy and understanding of others. I have an extremely grounded approach to spirituality and holistic healing practices and a big part of my work is assisting people by teaching them practical tools that they can use in their everyday lives. 

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