"It didn't take long for me to feel comfortable with Nina. She is very informative and talked me through the process before she started and provided thorough feedback afterwards. Nina is knowledgeable on a wide variety of subjects related to energy healing as is able to speak effortlessly on many of them. There is also a natural compassion in her character which translates to her healing, and I always knew that she had my best interests in mind. After working with her, it's become clear that she is a natural healer. I am happy that she is involved in the field of healing as I feel she is naturally inclined to it. Although initially skeptical, I'm now more than happy to admit that the sessions were effective and beneficial to me and I hope to receive more healing in future (and I know others would benefit from it too.) Thanks Nina!"

"The healing received was a magnificent experience and very accurate and safe. I truly felt myself undergo the whole process and could feel the healing impact my life and aiding me in areas that needed work. The healing received was filled with love at all times and was the most magical experience going through the process and actually truly feeling and seeing positive results."

"Nina was incredibly friendly, insightful and intelligent and has a huge knowledge on the subject matter. I felt very confident that Nina knew what she was talking about and was truthful (I am naturally very skeptical about these things)
The information provided was so enlightening and she answered my [written down] questions without having seem them prior to the reading. She told me things about my life currently that she couldn’t possibly have known. She described in DETAIL specific relationships with people, something she had no prior knowledge of. She is clearly very skilled in this profession and makes it very accessible to the average skeptic. I genuinely feel mentally healthier. I would recommend her to all my friends!”

"I have been seeing and speaking to Nina over the past 3 years. I will always go to Nina for healing because of her accuracy and insight in our sessions, the cards never lie and I am always blown away because of what they have to say. I feel very safe and comfortable talking to Nina. I always get exactly what is needed out the sessions to help me get back on track. Nina is very wise, consistent and professional. She clarifies everything I need to know, even if its not necessarily what i would like to hear I always appreciate the truth."

"This incredibly clear channel and intuitive has assisted me in immensely big Ways. Her humbleness and relativity allows you to connect on every subtle level, and the love she puts into her sessions is truly from the purest source. I trust her, and am always glad I did."

"Nina is an absolutely incredible individual with the ability to not only create a space in which one feels heard and comforted but to also give awareness and words to feelings that you've felt so strongly but haven't been able to articulate yourself or even understand. I have only ever left my sessions with her feeling balanced and guided - a kind of healing that means the world to me."

"2 months later and Nina was spot on, accurate! Not only was her session super comfortable and loving, but literally her word for word,from her gift to connect, came true. Thank you.
She literally confronted so many personal things that I spent so much energy running away from (trust me again: I'm that talented) and the fact she knew all of this is truly from her gift, spiritual journey or hard work opening up to the corners of the unknown.
She offered amazing insight, advice and had me walking out feeling refreshed and ready for this year to pile on the mud I'm blossoming out of."

"Literally the most genuine reading and healing I have ever had. Being based in London I didn't quiet know what to expect from a reading done through Skype,but Nina completely and utterly blew me away. I could feel her energy more than I have ever felt anyone's energy before. It was amazing. She possesses such a gift. She has a way of making you feel at ease with her gentle and trusting energy. Its such a pleasure to work with someone who displays such passion and love- this really transpires into her work. Nina also has a way of making everything said come across with such clarity. A true true talent and I wouldn't dream of working with anyone else."

"Dear Nina 
I would like to take the time to truly dearly thank you from the deepest part of my heart and soul. Thank you for being a part of a huge life experience and change and thank you for assisting me and for being an angel in disguise and helping me along my path of healing and thank you for making me feel safe enough to start my healing process and I truly hope it ain't the last... it may not seem like a big thing but deep down and in my life it has played a major influential role in how I see things now and how to handle them going forward...Thank you for being amazing and you are an amazing person and you inspire me to be myself and not be so subdued and fear holding back my power... Thank you for always being a constant reminder to me that it's okay to say and do what you really feel or want and know that when it's true to you then so what and who cares. Thank you for everything."

"My healer was friendly and amazing. She is filled with so much insight and power. She is truly connected and is very in tune with her being. She made me feel safe, comfortable, happy and loved. She also inspired me, in fact still does and motivates me to be and stay to true to myself and have faith in myself and my purpose.I would like to thank my healer from the deepest part of my heart for the opportunity of meeting and working with such an amazing person. I will most definitely be referring other to her and I will definitely return to her again."

"Nina is exceptionally gifted and amazing at what she does. She far exceeded my expectations. After an energy healing session with Nina I felt empowered, uplifted and so much lighter. I could not recommend her more!"

"Nina has an incredible touch, and is one of the most professional healers I have met during my stay in Cape Town. Not only did she hold a tight energetic space, she provided me with incredible feedback, and was able to pin point exactly what was going on in my energy field. It is important to find a qualified Healer, and I highly recommend Nina's services. She has also given me a reading before, which was incredibly detailed and provided me with solid information which came from a place of authenticity. Thank you Nina for holding an open space, filled with unconditional love, and understanding. "

"Just had a much-needed reading with the lovely Nina. Nina made me feel comfortable, safe and held space so beautifully. I was apprehensive about having a reading over Skype but it honestly felt as though I was in the same room as her. Thank you for your insight and guidance. You can feel that Nina is listening intently and is fully present throughout the session. If you're feeling a little lost and all over the place during these crazy times and are in need of grounding and guidance, I highly recommend Nina."

"An extremely insightful and productive healing session. Would highly recommend."

"I had the most perfect reading with Nina. She is transparent, honest, and light hearted. I feel relieved and have a new perspective on the issues I was facing. Deeply grateful for her powerful gift."

"Nina is incredibly gifted. She is honest, direct, sensitive to her client's emotions and incredibly knowledgable. I highly recommend her and look forward to using her services in future."

Cape Town, South Africa

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