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Healing Treatments

Please note that energy healing is a complementary modality and is in no way a replacement for conventional medical treatment or psychological counselling.

Chakra balancing / Aura clearing

Energy is channeled into the main energy centres of the body (the chakras) to remove blockages and increase energetic flow, as well as to assess what is happening on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. The main levels of the aura (energy field that surrounds the body) are “swept” to remove blockages, stuck or negative energy and energetic attachments.


Soul Retrieval

During shock or trauma, a part of the soul can separate from our auric field. This aspect remains in a certain time/place and can leave the energy field fragmented. By going back to this place, we are able to heal this aspect and bring this part of the soul back into the energy field.


Cord cutting

Cords are energetic links to another person or situation. These can be negative or positive. When they are negative, they can drain energy and cause illness as well as negative thoughts. We cut these cords in order to separate the energies and allow the client to no longer be affected by them.


Interactive healing

This is when the client is actively involved in the healing process- it is led by the client and facilitated by the healer. During this type of healing, the healer will intuitively sense where they need to work. The client will then focus on this area and the healer will ask them what they sense/perceive- colours, images, smells, symbols, feelings etc. The healer will then ask questions related to these impressions in order to go deeper into the healing. The aim of this is to allow the client to go where they wish and as far as they wish with the session.


Distance Healing

This is healing done when the healer is not in the physical presence of the client. They carry out the healing through attunement, intention and visualisation. This is usually done in cases where a patient is very ill or lives far away and/or is unable to travel.

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Other information:

Before each session, I will take you through the process and explain what to expect and how it is generally experienced. Of course, every client is different and thus so will be their experience of healing. After the session, I will give feedback on what I have picked up in your energy, what I worked on and you will be able to report back on anything that might have come up for you during the healing and any feelings or sensations you may have felt.

All sessions are strictly confidential.

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