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What is an Intuitive and what can I expect from a reading?

An intuitive is someone who is able to tap into the spirit plane and receive evidential, soul information for the person receiving the reading. This may come in the form of images, symbols, impressions, sounds or feelings. The role of the intuitive is to interpret and explain these impressions as they apply to the sitter's life in order to provide them with guidance, healing and inspiration. Through their own development of skill and level of consciousness, the intuitive is able to tune into the client's energy and recieve information for them from their soul level and their spirit guides.


Channelled Reading

For specific questions


Open-ended Reading

General guidance


Oracle Card Reading

Past, present, future


Skype Readings

For international clients and those unable to travel


Please enquire within for group readings

Birthdays, bacholerettes, events/functions, corporate wellness days etc.

Intuitive Readings: Treatments

"Intuitive Practice is the development of the ability to tap into the plane of intuition, retrieving soul-inspired guidance that is free of distortion, demonstrating one's own soul awareness and recognition of the unity of the whole of humanity, couple with the desire toceaselessly serve others." - MetaVarsity, 2016.

Intuitive Readings: Quote
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